Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Berkley: You're Pretty Heavy For a Skinny Kid

Anyone who sees Courtney's blog on Berkley knows he's a skinny guy. I say good. Clothes are expensive, and I saw a report not long ago showing that people who are slightly starving live longer. We've got him on the part to happiness: starvation.

But for a skinny kid, he's pretty dang heavy when I load him up in a jog-stroller and try to run a 5k. That was the case this past weekend when we ran a 5k in downtown GSO to benefit the Children Museum.

Of course, I ran to benefit my wallet: so I wouldn't have to buy new pants for my big ole' butt. And I figured pushing Berk would be no big deal. WRONG-O.

He's heavy, and our ridiculously nice and expensive stroller has an equally ridiculous tendency to turn right at all times. Sort of like when you're in the car and it's always drifting one direction.

So Berk: eat, don't eat, whatever. I'm not encouraging you to gain any more weight as long as I'm doing the pushing.